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Digital Nomad op Curacao

Curaçao welcomes people who want to work as a "Digital Nomad" on the Caribbean island with open arms. Actually, the red carpet for digital nomads is laid out with special investment programs launched by the Curaçao government.

'At home in Curacao'

"We are excited to announce the launch of our new @ Home in Curacao program! Through this innovative concept, we hope to give our visitors the opportunity to visit Curaçao without having to travel to the capital city of Willemstad. Our new program allows them to live and work for free on the beautiful island of Curaçao, which we believe will be attractive to travelers from all over the world!" Thus the #CuracaoTourismBoard

With flexible work arrangements and income tax exemptions, the government wants to attract 625 remote workers, who together should contribute 125 million guilders (200,000 guilders per person) annually to the economy. This is a significant amount for the Curaçao economy. This provides opportunities for Digital Nomads to work in Curaçao.

So do you work online and would you like to stay in Curaçao for a longer period of time? It is possible! As a digital nomad you are more than welcome on the island. There are a number of things you should take into account. From the time difference to the special digital nomad visa on Curaçao. We list the most important things for you in this article.

If you work online, Curacao should definitely be considered

There are, of course, important information that you should take into account, especially if you want to stay in Curaçao for a longer period of time or perhaps even several years. The local government has determined various rules, partly depending on your country of origin. Rules are different depending on the country you come from. 


If you have work that requires a lot of contact with the Netherlands then keep in mind that the workday in the Netherlands is almost over when you start your day on Curaçao. The time difference with the Netherlands is 5 hours in winter and 6 hours in summer. On Curaçao it is earlier than in the Netherlands, so getting up early is handy. But everyone does that anyway, also because it is a nice temperature.

If you have a different country of origin or if you mainly work with other countries, check the time zone on Curacao and the difference with that country.

Maximum duration of stay

As a Dutchman you can live in Curacao for a maximum of six months without a special permit. This also applies if you work there. If you want to stay longer, you will need a permit. On this website you can read all about it.

The Home in Curaçao program is intended for people who want to find work in the Caribbean country. People who work in tourism or the hospitality industry, for example, can apply for a permit to stay in Curaçao for an indefinite period of time.

Internet speed is above average

Curacao has reliable internet and good internet connections, especially for the Caribbean. This is of course important for your work as a digital nomad. 

The reliability of the signal from the internet providers (such as Flow, Digicel Curacao, Carib-Online and others) can vary. This is important information to know if you depend on a good internet connection to be able to do your work. But in case of problems you can always choose to work somewhere else.

Great places to work

Curaçao offers many opportunities to find a place where you can focus on what is most important to you. Here we provide recommendations for work environments ranging from cafes to coworking spaces.


The Freedom Hotel

The Freedom Hotel is ideal for digital nomads. This hotel offers a desk to work at in every room. And there is a co-working space available for quiet working. A good internet connection is of course available. 





As a guest of The Freedom Hotel you have unlimited access to workspaces that are shared with other like-minded professionals just like you. You will also enjoy of high-speed internet and free coffee or tea. All of our guests are required to follow our COVID Safety Instructions while using any of the coworking spaces.





All rooms at The Freedom Hotel include a spacious work table with a desk lamp, a comfortable chair, a mini fridge and high-speed internet. You also have the option to have food and drinks delivered to your room so you can get as much done before going out to discover one of the many beautiful beaches that Curacao has to offer.

Starbucks Coffee

Close to the Freedom Hotel is a Starbucks location in Curacao. This Starbucks has comfortable seating areas, a variety of drinks, air conditioning and a good internet connection.