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PADI on Curaçao - the option for all divers

Every tourist has his own reason for visiting the beautiful country of Curaçao. One does it to experience a relaxing vacation, the other wants to actively dive during the vacation. The chances are considerably high that you belong to the last group of travelers, because you've come to this article for a reason. If you want to go diving in Curaçao, it is necessary to have your PADI certification. Did you know you can get your PADI in Curacao? To show you a little more about this, we decided to list the necessary information for you below.

PADI in Curacao - what is PADI?

We will soon show you what getting your PADI in Curacao actually looks like. But before we get to that, we first have to take a look at PADI itself. We see that not everyone knows what kind of organization this is exactly. PADI has been one of the best providers of all possible diving courses for a very long time. The organization has been around since 1966. It was created by two friends who wanted to introduce a certain standard in the field of diving. If you get your PADI in Curacao it is possible to dive anywhere in the world, because PADI is recognized worldwide. The minimum you can get is the Open Water Certificate. With this you can dive up to 18 meters deep. Because of the many diving schools it is always possible to get your PADI on Curaçao. .


PADI card - get your diving license on Curacao

If you choose to follow your PADI course then you will always receive a special diving card after the course. This card is really important because you will need it when you start diving at a certain dive center. If you want to get your PADI in Curaçao, you will of course get it after your course, this ensures that you can immediately start diving. It is possible to choose for different types of certification cards. The certification level you obtain is actually always dependent on your age and the certification level. If you want to dive you must be at least 10 years old. A PADI on Curacao for children under 10 years is unfortunately not possible. When the child turns 15, they may apply for an adult card.


Going for PADI course in Curacao during vacation

In general, it is very easy to start with PADI in Curacao. Now it is just that there are some conditions that apply. These conditions are set to ensure that you can safely get started with diving in Curacao. Curious what these conditions are? We have outlined the most important ones below:

- You must be healthy - Would you like to dive on Curacao then it is necessary to fill out a health statement. This statement is really for your own safety, you do not show that you have no underlying health problems. If you have certain problems ticked on the statement then you will need to get permission from your doctor before you can get your PADI in Curacao. It is important to always fill out the statement truthfully.

- You must be able to swim well enough - Although you do not have to be a national swimming champion, it is necessary that you can swim well enough when you choose to go on PADI in Curacao. Before you can start the diving course in Curacao you must show that you can swim 100 meters without swimming aids and 200 meters with swimming aids, such as a mask or a snorkel. To get your PADI in Curaçao it is also necessary that you can tread water well enough.


How do you get your PADI certificate?

If you choose to get your PADI in Curacao it is of course useful to know what you can expect from the final course. The PADI course in Curacao will almost always consist of three different parts. You get a part self-study, a part limited pool training and the training itself in the form of the course. You can do the learning work at home today through the online learning environment. If you want to get your PADI in Curacao then this really comes in handy. The last thing you want during your vacation is to have to follow lessons in the classroom.

The part in the pool can be at a dive center nearby. However, if you want to go for PADI in Curacao it is of course much more fun to do your lessons there. This allows you to learn to dive among all the fish. In general, you will need about three days to get your PADI in Curacao. It is not necessary to do the course at once, you can also split the course if you prefer.

Your PADI on Curacao get during the vacations

You have been able to see that there is quite a bit involved in your PADI on Curacao. Yet it is a nice option to choose if you like diving in Curacao. Once you have the certificate in your hands you can dive anywhere. This is really a big advantage. Because of the many diving schools in Curaçao there are more than enough places where you can go for this course. On this site you can find much more information that may be of interest when diving in Curacao. Be sure to read it if you want to be fully prepared to travel during your summer vacation.