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Snorkeling in Curacao this summer?

There are many places in the world where you can go snorkeling. Of course, some places are more suitable than others. One of the best places for anyone who wants to organize a snorkel vacation is Curacao. If you want to snorkel in Curacao, it is not a bad idea to take the time to read this article. We have important information listed below that can be useful when snorkeling in Curacao.

The best snorkel sites on Curaçao

As we have already briefly mentioned, there are many locations to find on Curaçao where you can go snorkeling without problems. This variety of locations makes it difficult to make a selection. To help you on your way we will have to dwell on the best locations in Curacao for snorkeling. The closest snorkeling beaches north of Willemstad are the photogenic Playa Porto Mari and Playa Cas Abao. They offer a beautiful place to snorkel, with mostly sandy seabed interspersed with coral patches. Both beaches have a beach entrance fee. Fortunately, this is not so bad, for a few euros you can already enter the beach. In the north you can also snorkel at Playa Lagun. This is a narrow bay decorated with rocky cliffs. This is the best snorkeling spot on Curaçao to swim with sea turtles, if you like it of course. A few kilometers south of Westpunt, you can snorkel at the two "Knip" beaches.

Grote Knip (also known as Knip Beach or Playa Kenepa Grandi) is widely recognized as the most beautiful beach in Curacao. The view from above on the bay is beautiful to see. You really have a panoramic view here the turquoise sea and the fishing boats. Klein Knip is located a little more in the south. It is one of the best snorkeling spots on the west side of the island. Around West Point you will find the beaches Playa Grandi and Playa Forti. Because of the many top locations snorkeling on Curacao is really not as difficult as you might think. Just be aware that in high season it can be crowded at the popular beaches. If you don't like this you better go to the local beaches.

Snorkeling on Curacao - what does it cost?

Well, let's look at the cost of snorkeling. Curacao snorkeling is considerably cheaper than diving. This has mainly to do with the fact that you no longer have to deal with a mandatory course before you can go into the sea. Anyone who can swim can in fact also snorkel, unless you have certain breathing problems. You do not have to take a PADI course anymore, which is important for diving. Because you do not follow a course the costs are much lower. This also applies to the materials. A good mask with matching snorkel and flippers is all you need. For a few dollars you have everything you need.

If you forgot to bring your snorkel set, this will not be a problem. On Curaçao you can find more than enough dive stores. Here you can get a set without problems. There are also many diving schools on the island. If you still want to go diving then this is always a possibility.

When is snorkeling on Curacao ideal?

As with any other activity you do it with the snorkeling so that a certain period is best to choose. In principle, we recommend you to go snorkeling in the spring. This is the period in which the temperature is the most pleasant. If you can't go in this period you don't have to worry about it. Snorkeling can be done year-round on Curacao. The island has a year-round warm, sunny and windy climate. There are occasional showers in the rainy season. This period lasts from October to January, however it is generally not too bad with the showers. The average air temperature is around 27°C, with an average annual rainfall of less than 600 mm. Perfect weather to go into the sea to snorkel on Curacao.


Snorkeling in Curacao
Snorkeling in Curacao

Curacao snorkeling vs. diving

Besides the people who love to snorkel in Curaçao, there are also people who prefer diving. This may raise the question of whether Curaçao is better suited for people who want to dive or snorkel. However, the answer cannot be given now that the island has enough to offer for both people. People who like to dive on this island have no problem exploring the open sea. The many shipwrecks give you more than enough to see and do. For snorkeling you can go to one of the beaches or coral reefs. If you have small children you will actually always end up snorkeling. Diving in Curacao is only possible for children over ten years old. You can always do snorkeling if your child can. Snorkeling in Curacao is really not as expensive as you might think!

The information in this article has given you a good idea about the possibilities for snorkeling in Curacao. The numerous locations and beautiful beaches makes Curacao really one of the most beautiful locations you can choose when it comes to snorkeling. Would you now like to learn even more about snorkeling in Curacao then it is possible to request much more information through our site. By choosing to snorkel in Curacao this year you can be sure that you have the best vacation of your life.