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Everything you need to know about diving in Curacao

The odds are considerably high that you are thinking about diving in Curacao, you're not for nothing ended up at this article. Diving in Curacao is really one of the best choices you can make. The beautiful beaches in combination with the great coral reefs there is more than enough to see. Now it's just that there is quite a bit involved in your diving vacation to Curacao. In this article we have listed the most important information about diving on this island for you, so you will not be surprised.

How can you dive on Curacao?

The main question that will arise when it comes to diving on Curaçao is of course how you can go diving. Contrary to what people sometimes want to think, it is unfortunately not possible to just go into the sea. Before you want to start diving in Curaçao you will first have to be in possession of your PADI certification. The most basic course you can follow is the PADI Open Water dive course. After finishing this course you can dive independently or in a group on the island. This course generally does not take very long, so getting your PADI on Curaçao itself is also possible. Once you have your certification you may dive anywhere in the world.

People who already have their PADI - advanced PADI course

If you want to dive in Curaçao it is possible that you already have your PADI certification. If this is the case, it is possible to take your diving experience to the next level by going for your PADI Advanced Open Water. This is an advanced course designed for people who want to go one step further. If you have done this course you can dive to a depth of 30 meters. If you want to dive in Curaçao between all the shipwrecks, this is possible with this certification. To obtain this license it is possible to contact one of the diving schools on the island.

What does it cost to dive in Curaçao?

In general, diving in Curaçao is really not as expensive as you would think. It is difficult, however, to link a specific amount to your vacation. It depends on the choices you make. If you do not have a PADI certification in possession you will first have to get it. The costs are about 400 euros per person. Because of the variety of diving schools on Curaçao it is possible to always end up at the diving school that suits your needs. If you are a student doing an internship on the island it is possible to get a discount in some cases. Not every diving school offers this, but you could always ask.

Apart from the costs for getting your PADI certification you should also think about the costs of renting the diving equipment. This of course only applies to people who do not have their own diving equipment. Often it is possible to get a discount when you dive with several people. So if you go on vacation to Curacao with the whole family to dive, the costs will generally be lower. For the exact prices it is wise to contact the diving school you have in mind for diving in Curaçao. By inquiring, you will not be so easily surprised.

The benefits of diving in Curacao

Now that you know more about the practical information it is useful to briefly look at the reasons why you should dive in Curacao. After all, what makes this place special to other destinations in the world? We have the main advantages of diving in Curacao listed for you below:

  • Numerous top locations for diving - the main reason why diving in Curaçao is one of the best choices to make is the fact that there are really an awful lot of beautiful locations to be found here for diving. From the west to the east of the island, there are beautiful places to see and explore everywhere.
  • It is an accessible island - the diverse locations make it possible for even a novice diver to have a fun vacation. For example, there are more than enough coral reefs where you can first practice your skills. For advanced divers, there are beautiful shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea.
  • There is a lot of coral to be found - the last reason that a diving vacation to Curaçao should be on everyone's bucket list is the fact that you can still find a lot of coral here. You see this in very few places in the world. So be sure to bring your underwater camera. Because of the beautiful colors and the most unique colors you will have the time of your life underwater.

Go diving in Curacao this year!

If you really want to enjoy your vacation and you want to see the most special fish then diving in Curacao is really one of the best options to choose. Through a diving vacation to this special island you can be sure that you will experience a vacation that you will think back to for a very long time. The wide variety of diving schools on the island makes it possible for everyone to get their PADI certification. Stay tuned on the site if you want to know more about diving in Curaçao!